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About Maiden Syria

Maiden Syria provides refugee-made scarves from Istanbul to you.

During a trip to Istanbul in the summer of 2015, we saw Syrian women earning the severely low-wage of 4¢ per scarf. Every day they worked on these hand-made scarves from morning until night to make at least 50 scarves -- earning them a meager $2.00 per day. This meant that in one month a single woman made only $56.00, but still needed to support herself, her children, and the elderly. For this reason, we decided to bring their products to the United States to sell at a fair price and give these women and their families the opportunity for a better life. Studies also show that supporting women in a family increases the long-term chances of health, education, and economic stability of the community.

All scarves are made in Turkey by Syrian refugees.

You can wear this product as a scarf, shawl, wrap, and more. These scarves also make fantastic gifts. We gift wrap upon request! 

Help empower refugee women, and invest in the future of Syria's people.